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  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2018-08-06
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 21.77 MB
  • Developer: Apple
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 3
From 31 Ratings


Schoolwork is an iPad app that helps teachers both save time and maximize each student’s potential. With Schoolwork, it’s easy to share class materials, get students to a specific activity in an app, collaborate with students, and view student progress. Teachers can easily create and send out a class announcement, a study reminder, or an assignment. They then get progress information on how their students are doing on their assignments, making it easier for them to individualize instruction based on student needs. Students get one central place to see assignments, submit work, and view their own progress. Share anything with Handouts • Use Handouts to easily share a homework assignment, study reminder, or class announcement with students • Add PDFs, documents, web links, photos, videos, or even links to specific activities within an app Assign specific activities within an app • With apps optimized for Schoolwork you can review an app's list of assignable activities, then easily assign one or more to the class • With a single tap, students are brought directly to the assigned activity within the app • For activities you assign in Schoolwork you’ll be able to view student progress, including quiz scores, points earned, and time spent Keep students focused and organized • Students have one place to go to see their announcements and assignments • They can see what they have coming due this week across all their classes • In Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, and other supported apps, students can submit homework right from within the app Collaborate and give real-time feedback • Easily collaborate with individual students or with the entire class in just a few taps • Add comments to students’ work while they’re working on an assignment • Use Apple Pencil or your finger to mark up documents, PDFs, photos, and more Personalize Instruction • See a holistic view of a student’s progress, including submitted work and progress in apps, all in one place • Use student progress to find students who may need an extra challenge, or extra support Get started easily • Your existing classes in Apple School Manager automatically show up in Schoolwork • Easily create new classes yourself right from within Schoolwork Privacy Schools are required to opt in to Schoolwork’s student progress feature using Apple School Manager. Student progress is only recorded for teacher-assigned activities that are completed while using a school-provided Managed Apple ID. All student progress data is encrypted in transit and at rest. If a school does not opt in, teachers and students can still use Schoolwork without this feature. In order to improve the Schoolwork product as well as help your school understand how students and teachers are using Schoolwork, Apple collects non-personally identifiable data about your Schoolwork activity that may also be shared with your school. This data will not be used for any other purpose and does not include personally identifiable information.



  • An Honest Review (Our School is Dropping This App)

    By AmeanJedi
    Most of the reviews so far on this have nothing to do with the quality of the software. This is an honest of the app from a school that is using it exclusively for students to submit work. My school actually purchased all brand new education iPads, showcased by Apple, for all students. When you think of something that Apple has made, you think high-quality right? I for one have always thought this. The attention to detail that Steve Jobs required of the company was unparalleled. I was very excited for this app to be able to use for my school and my students. But it is riddled with bugs and problems. When the app is working it works wonderfully. There are too many issues however. When teachers post handouts or students submit an item, the assignment takes too long to appear in student/teacher apps. Sometimes it takes an entire day for it to appear in the student app. I have seen this firsthand. Student progress takes too long to or does not appear at all for some in apps that have been assigned through Schoolwork(i.e. Kahoot!). When adding new students through Apple School Manager to a class they do not appear in that class until the teacher and the students have signed out of their iPads Apple ID and signed back in. And sometimes that doesn’t even work. This is a fix for most issues until Apple squashes these bugs. When students submit work, it does not show in the teacher app that they completed the assignment. These are all bugs that Apple is currently trying to fix after talking to tech-support. I have spent countless hours with Apple Tech Support trying to solve these issues. When the Apple Engineers themselves have no clue what’s going on, we have a problem. This app has become more of a headache and a burden to teachers and students than it has been a tool for the classroom. I love Apple, and love that they are passionate about education. However I believe Apple dropped the ball when they pushed this app out. I was hoping over a year and a half, our problems would have been fixed. But sadly, they haven’t. We are switching to another education app that actually works, and it has more features.
  • Set up is a hassle

    By aramsburg
    This app looks like it will be an awesome resource for my classroom. However, the fact that I have to contact the IT department of my county and wait for them to respond is really making me start to dislike this app. I understand that preloading classes might be a handy thing, but our system doesn’t talk to to Schoolwork correctly. It created 52 classes for me. I have 6. I have gone into Apple Support Manager and deleted all of the unwanted classes, but my classes from last year (didn’t even have the app) are still in my app even though they don’t show up in ASM. I was also missing one class. I added a new class and entered my students. The class shows up in the app, but the students aren’t showing up. Also, I want progress monitoring turned on, but someone at our OVERWHELMED IT department has to do that. Who knows when that will happen. This app needs to have a way for individual teachers to set up their classes and progress monitoring. I am getting very aggravated that I have to wait for someone else to do what I should be capable of doing. School has started. I’ve been waiting all summer for someone to work out the kinks. If I can’t have it set up with all my classes and students with progress monitoring, I might not use it. Also, a teacher should be able to verify that an assignment is “done”. Maybe make it where we can mark certain assignments need verified to be marked as complete as an option similar to the due date toggle. I’m not sure if you know this, but kids will lie about turning in work. 😏 I was really excited about using this app with my middle school students this year. I hope we can work out these set up kinks.
  • Locked out

    By Roniniku
    How can the app be reviewed or promoted to administration when it can’t be viewed, even in a test mode? We don’t have education resellers and are unable to set up an education account. Apple USED TO BE an education-centred company, but now unfortunately seems to only care about money.
  • Homeschoolers left out

    By Never@Home_Mom
    I was really looking forward to switching to an Apple solution for our homeschools (I have teens), but no can do. So will be sticking with Schoology. 4/28/2019 update.... still wishing I could use this with my teens.
  • Works Fine for Me

    By Mathgeek215
    Try it with Math Galaxy’s apps. Works well with those.
  • Open app for everyone please

    By dareviewer2050
    I will review the app better if you could open the app for everyone not just schools.
  • Just stop complaining.

    By 2749jsj
    Don’t come here to review an app that you can’t use.
  • Has potential

    By floaner
    This app has potential to be great, but isn’t quite there yet. It does take time for handouts to post and for assignments to show up. I would also like the ability to grade assignments in the app. I still like using it, but there are some improvements that need to be made.
  • So sad that homeschoolers can’t use this!

    By jmm2627
    Please open this up beyond schools!
  • Homeschoolers would love this app!!!

    By phoebe phevver
    Please allow homeschooling families access to this app. We utilize apps for learning on a regular basis and would be able to track progress easily. Not to mention the ease of tracking the rest of our work and grades. There are other apps that do parts of what we want but it seems like Apple has really got everything we need all under this one app.